Faye Baldwin

An exploration of the inner landscapes, Faye’s Yoga classes are the concoction of fiery flows and deep stillness. With laughter & bliss in her light-hearted classes, come and seek the internal and external balance of sweetness and intensity. Tune out to tune IN to what is really real.

From death & drugs, Faye sought redemption through meditation. Seeds were planted and the path to heal and become healer, to teach and to be taught bloomed. The ever lasting journey of Yoga had begun.

Darkness turned into light.

You will find Faye, who teaches under the name Wildest Yoga, in studios around Copenhagen. Half Singaporean, a large portion of her time each year is spent traveling around Asia , exploring new places on small budgets and diving in to local cultures.



Ashtanga Vinyasa - Sampoorna, Goa

Rocket Yoga - The Yoga People, Thailand

Yin - The Yoga People, Thailand

Mandala Vinyasa - The Yoga People, London

Tantric Meditation - Sally Kempton, London

Embodied Yin - Satu Tuomela, Portugal


Inner radiance
Wilder energy
Cosmic wonder
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Wildest Yoga