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Faye Baldwin

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Faye is currently based in Copenhagen working at her yoga studio Iluma Yoga. Half Singaporean, a large portion of her time each year is spent traveling around the world , exploring new places on small budgets and diving in to the local cultures.

In her personal life, her practice came from a mixture of traumas and self-medication. Faye sought redemption through meditation and it was here a seed was planted. Here, the path to heal and become healer, to teach and to be taught bloomed. The ever lasting journey of Yoga had begun.

From darkness sprung light.

An exploration of the inner landscapes, her classes are concoctions of fiery flows and deep stillness. Her firm belief is in the creation of an experience, rather than a physical workout.

Expect laughs & bliss in her light-hearted teachings, where she will help you to find the internal and external balance of sweetness and intensity. Here we expand together and illuminate as one.

Her offerings weave together tradition rooted in Indian philosophy, Buddhism, chanting, ceremony & movement.

She now leads yoga teacher trainings around Europe, from 200 hour foundational YTT to advanced add-ons. You can find out more at iluma yoga studio.

Trainings 950+ hours

Ashtanga Vinyasa - Sampoorna, Goa

Rocket Yoga - The Yoga People, Thailand

Yin - The Yoga People, Thailand

Mandala Vinyasa - The Yoga People, London

Tantric Meditation - Sally Kempton, London

Embodied Yin - Satu Tuomela, Portugal

Advanced Vinyasa & Ceremony - Kula Collective, Guatemala

Pre-Natal Yoga - Bliss Baby. Australia

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Our Vision -

"Our vision at iluma is to be the conduit for awakening high consciousness, by illuminating Yoga through physical, intentional and spiritual practice."


To illuminate -


a. To supply or brighten with light

b. To make luminous or shining

c. An interpretation that removes obstacles to


From the Latin root illuminationem meaning 'throw into light', our community can come together with genuine purpose to explore themselves through the path of Yoga. Iluma is a home, a soul-felt family understanding the need for luminosity in these achingly busy modern times.

Our Mission -

  • to weave together the power of ritual and practice

  • to inspire spiritual growth for our community

  • to gather with luminous intention

  • to uphold equality and practice ways of intentionally making space, especially for marginalised stories and bodies









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